Our services


At Acorn plastering we are experienced and experts at all types of dry-lining covering a wide range of different specification from direct bond to mechanically fixed ensuring the highest quality and safety regulations are followed.

Dry-Lining Wall.gif


We are experienced with a variety of partitions from internal to separating ensuring that the correct studs, depth tracks and/or resilient bars are used to meet requirements and procedures for the project

Wall Partition.jpg


We can carry out various types of plastering ranging from skim finish to two coat work across many projects to different specifications ensuring that we have the correct finish for different environments


Acorn Plastering also are proficient in screeding with many types including; Traditional, resin flow, self-leveling screeds as well as rapid drying screed systems to form well with project needs and environment 


Metal Frame Ceilings

We guarantee an exceptional and efficient installation of metal frame ceilings covering many types of building ensuring that the correct *frames* are used to work best with the requirements and project.

Ceiling & Screed Detail under concrete F
MF Ceiling.jpg

Suspended Ceilings

We are proficient in carry out various types of suspended ceilings for every environment and per specifications which could include; metal, mineral, or fiber tiles with variances in acoustic and fire properties ensuring that it conforms to project needs.


We are experienced with a variety of render finishes such as traditional sand and cement system, through colour system, and insulated system meeting the needs of the project specification. 


We can carry out various types of insulation solution for each project to meet its needs and requirements covering a range of different types of insulation with varying acoustic and thermal properties to suit the needs of the property.

Cove and cornices

We can supply and fit various plaster cornice profiles and gypsum coving for contemporary, modern, traditional look to meet projects requirements


Acoustic solutions

We are proficient in the installation of soundproofing for walls and ceiling to meet the needs of the client and ensure the correct acoustic properties are acquired .

Secondary framing systems

We can install non-load bearing infill or over sail secondary framing systems to your external elevations